XM Portal Compass - Chapter one

XM Portal Compass - Chapter 1

Hero or Criminal?

21 April 2013 CERN

It was a sad day there in Zurich. When HAZDATA entered the building they found a dead body, later to be identified as the body of Victor Kureze.
Geneva Police confirmed there was a death, but they later denied this. Did they know more? What happened?
Stories go around he was killed by Roland Jarvis, others think it was homicide.

But what really happened?

It was Victor who discovered Exotic Matter, coming from different dimensions. While investigating he knew what was coming. He saw the dangers coming to earth, sent from other dimensions. And he knew there was only one solution to stop this.
Knowing his chances, knowing the dangers earth was facing, knowing there was only one chance, 1 small time-frame, he did what real hero’s would do. Dare to walk into the unknown.

Victor sat in his chair. Writing his last messages. Only I can do it, he said to him self.

In Europe, Resistance was young, but strong. Victor believed in them.
Setting up the plan, he realized more and more the risks. But he trusted the Agents all over Europe.
He walked to the main computer and logged in. Fingers trembling while watching the keyboard, Victor closed his eyes. His thoughts pulled up all had seen and met, from the furthest corners of his memories. Tears pushed their way out. This was it.
Hesitation came up. Was there no other way? But he didn’t get time to rethink all.
Everything was prepared. He heard loud noises on the other side of the building.    “Now, or Never” he cried with a throat filled of fear. Opening the connection to the outside world, getting processes running, Victor wrote his lasts words ever in this world. “TRANSMIT”.

Running to the Sphere room, he saw himself coming out of it. “NOOO! What are you doing here!”, he yelled. “You have nothing to search here anymore!” His other self smiled. “You’re too late. It started”. Victor had no other option. He picked up his equalness and threw him over the railing, falling down on his neck. Dead….
Victor wanted to check but he had no time anymore. All could have been lost if he did not make it.
While running to the Sphere, he saw the gate closing. The gate to the other dimension. The gate to save his world. He ran as fast as he could, jumped and before anyone saw, the gate closed just behind him.