Public Relations

Our PR concept is based on several different marketing campaigns. For our Marketing Strategy we use several forms of advertisement.
We focused us on the following Points:
  1. Upcoming local events and Mission Days for distributing BioCards
  2. A short teaser about our Project (which includes some features)
  3. Social Media Profiles on Google+ and Instagram for publishing News and Announcements
  4. Website, with all the Informations about our Project 
  5. Dead drops during the Schloss Kaltenberg Event

1. Upcoming local events and Mission Days for distributing BioCards

The upcoming mission days and other local events are good opportunities to distribute biocards. Agents who are part of our team take them along to the various events and can distribute them there. European agents as well as the community of biocard collectors are targeted by this strategy.

2. A short teaser about our Project

A short teaser video will be created which features our project. This will be shared on YouTube and G+ to distribute our idea for the portal and its interactions with the Portal network worldwide.

3. Social Media Profiles

Our social media profiles on Google Plus and on Instagram will share every step of the creation process to involve the public audience outside the “Ingress Universe”. Pictures, short in-action videos, stories about the production, etc. will be used to illustrate the evolution of this new portal.

4. Website

Our project website will be continually updated with new and more detailed information about creation process and progress. This way agents all over the world can follow the coming-to-life of this new portal.  

5. Dead drops during the Schloss Kaltenberg Event

To increase the reach of our creation, there will be dead drops in various cities, and similar to the #findtheklue principle, agents will be guided towards selected way points in different cities to look for information and for BioCards.

6. DIY Portal Hologram

During the event in Schloss Kaltenberg we will show various imagery on our hologram projector. There will also be a demo version featuring the states a portal can be in.
Attendees can get a take home model of our projector to run on their cell phone together with the project video. This will be a souvenir for attendees and a way to spread our project after the event. For those agents, living farther away we also can post building instructions for a projector model.

Marketing Audience:

Our primary target audience will be agents located in Europe. Also we concentrate in that way to the Biocard Collectors, so they share our Project internally to the rest of the Swag Community.

Marketing Goals:

The goal of our Marketing Campaign is to increase the knowledge and curiosity about our Project and about the MAGNUS 2018 Event in Schloss Kaltenberg.