XM Portal Compass Chapter two

Chapter 2

More than we thought

March 2018, Worldwide.

During a standard research NIA discovered several anomalies in the portal network.

When they extracted the data of one of the infected portals they found a virus in the data.

Several other portals around the world contained the same symptoms and all showed to be infected by the same virus.

2 Coders were put on the deciphering of the virus, which didn't let itself read easily.

Much of the code contained non-understandable passages. But like most viruses, this one also had signature. The header contained the abbreviation BT&R, making it getting called Basic Research and Testing.

After 3 days of trying to understand the virus, it was still not clear what the virus did, neither the real purpose and neither the owner.

But being it an external intrusion of the network, NIA operatives decided it had to be removed as soon as possible.

Several tests were run on a small internal controlled networks and its spreading pattern got uncovered. The spreading happened through neutral portals. Immediately a plan was set up to activate all portals to find a cure and push the virus out of the network

Agents all over the world went to activate every portal they saw. In the battle with the virus, never so many portals had been activated at the same time. Resistance even managed to push the amount of active resistance XM radiating portals above the 2 million!

It was said Resistance cured the portal network but so less we knew, though so much we claimed. Is our wish to survive so big we claim victories on unknown battles?

Even after “The Cure”, NIA still doesn’t know what the purpose of the virus was.

But for sure, the virus was not written by just a hacker. Too much unknowns are still hidden in the code. Even after a month working on the virus decryption the virus doesn’t open up its deep inside buried secrets.

But not only NIA is searching. Top decoders under the agenmay ts who also are having doubts about The Cure discovered that the virus must have older undiscovered versions. They found embedded in the code a version numbering showing the discovered one was probably the 3rd version released on the network.

Did the other versions fail? Are they still active hiding inside the network or did they also killed by “The Cure”?