XM Portal Compass - Chapter three

XM Portal Compass - Chapter 3

It takes one to gather all

26 May Schloss Kaltenberg
It had been silent since The Cure. With the code not letting itself decipher as well as no more portal infections were detected after The Cure we found, the BR&T virus deciphering had been stopped.
Niantic started preparing their first Epiphany Night Remembrance in Europe at Schloss Kaltenberg, less than 500 km from where it happened for real.
Many groups of agents had sent in their portal proposals to remember and relive the Epiphany Night but only the selected ones got assigned to one of the Archetypes. Most agents worked very hard to finish their portals in time. While working on it mysteries had to be solved to be able having their portals work with the scanners. For the 1st time in European history, Archetypes portals were going to be connected to the worldwide XM Portal Network.
In Germany, a group with members from all over Germany with 1 Belgian got selected and got, much to their surprise, assigned to the Visionary Archetype. The Visionary, identified by Victor Kureze, has lots of mysteries. 5 years after his dead body was found in the Niantic Facility many people have forgotten about him. Only a handful of people remember him while he was one of the godfathers for the XM knowledge we have these days. But almost nobody remembers he was the first one bringing it public there were multiple dimensions which ran together with ours.
The more the German group worked on their portal, which they called XM Portal Compass, the more they started to feel the spirit of Victor reuniting with them. As if it was sent from outside, although everyone was unique and different in their own way, together they formed a team many would be jealous at.
At Friday 25 May, the Epiphany Night Remembrance started.
All portal builders from many parts of the world joined together. Stories got told, friendships were created and lots of events were organised. During the day the atmosphere was building up and the magical Torchlight procession only strengthened the feeling that something was bound to be happening.
But nothing happened that night.
Saturday 26 May was the date the portal builders had looked out for. The months they had worked on the portals was all towards this day. Their self created portals would for once be attached to the portal network and be judged by the Niantic Officials Hank Johnson and The Acolyte.
In the morning all portal builders started finalizing their portals, testing the working of it and eventually, when sure all worked correctly, testing their connecting with the portal network.
One by one the portals started to connect to the network.
And its then when all started.
The virus everybody thought to be pushed out, had hidden itself inside the many portals that were not activated during The Cure. It got activated by the archetype signatures sent over the XM Portal Network. On every still infected portal 1 XM particle disappeared. Worldwide about a hundredthousands of XM particles disappeared. From mountain portals, Wood portals, Sea portals, portals in inhabited places and closed off sites.
But nobody saw.
Like a scourge of locusts, the virus from all infected portals started moving, jumping from one portal to the other, taking away 1 XM particle every jump.
Within an hour about 25 million XM disappeared.
But nobody saw.
With the very small number of Niantic operators working during the weekend and those working fully occupied with the portal activations in Schloss Kaltenberg and Navarro, the virus was able to move invisibly through the network. Routes were carefully calculated to make sure the missing XM would be very minimal.
If anybody had looked, and knew what was going on, had followed the pattern,that person had seen the swarming towards Schloss Kaltenberg and Navarro.
In the very wide area of Schloss Kaltenberg and Navarro thousands and thousands of portals started missing XM particles.
But then it stopped. All ended like it started. As if nothing ever happened.
Around the evening, not long before the portal tour started, all portals from Schloss Kaltenberg started to get connected to the Portal Network for real.
The virus immediately reacted and started visiting every Archtype portal.
! XM around the portals disappeared but with that many people at the site, nobody saw this as an anomaly. Even that 1 portal was missing all XM. The XM Portal Compass.
A chain reaction occurred through all portals all over the world. More than 5 million xm disappeared within seconds of the activation of the XM Portal Compass. Even though it happened within seconds, and that it was visible for another 20 minutes, nobody noticed.
Although the mega operation the Uncured virus established, all over the world, stealing so much XM, nobody did see a thing, and nobody saw what was coming.
The creator must have been a brillian person, or must have had brillian friends.
But what happened hours later, was unmissable by anybody.
Hank Johnson was together with the Acolyte announcing the best created portals when operators called Hank on his emergency number.
With the mic still on, we were able to listen in:
Hank, open your scanner. All over the world the portals are losing XM particles one by one till none are left and it looks like all XM is shifting to where you are. Look at the portals around the Schloss. They are getting more and more XM gathering around them. They will get overloaded! They need to get unloaded immediately. Order everyone to open their scanners and suck up as much XM as possible!
Hank immediately ordered everyone to get outside and to consume as much xm as possible but before the people got outside all portals unloaded themselves at once, shifting all their XM to one portal, The XM Portal Compass.
The portal became one huge sphere of XM, even seen by the naked eye.
But what happened then, did stun everyone.
Behind the portal, a bright passage opened. With everyone stepping one step back, a voice echoes through the passage. “It worked! Yes! It worked” “I had it right!”
Hank immediately steps towards the passage seeing Victor standing at the other side: Victor!!! Is that you? How can...? You were...?
Dead? The voice answers his question. That wasn’t me, but then, that was me. I will explain later. Right now we have other issues. We need to take these waves to this other dimension. Activate the dimensional frequency modulator module we created 5 years ago.
This will make every agent on earth be able to shift to the new dimension. I hope you have the update ready for the scanner to handle the dimension change. The opening of this gate proves all portals all over the worlds are now ready for it.
Yes, Hank said. Consider it done! See you there!
Be fast Hank, And make sure all others get ready. To save the world we need to do it all over again, but it will be worth it.
While saying these words the XM power loaded on the XM Portal Compass got drained, closing the passage.
Hank turned around: Agents all over they world. You’ve heard. Our task here is done. Lets slide to new worlds!